Monday, December 24, 2012

Povy Teng

Christmas is early this year! I just received one of the best gifts before kicking year 2013 off and also as my advanced birthday gift for my 21st next year. I’m honored to be Nuffnang’s featured Blogger for December. Million thanks to Nuffnang for letting me be a part of them. I am so lucky and I am still wondering what have I done to deserve all these in my life? So if 2012 really ends soon, then I will be the last luckiest featured blogger by then!?. Hehe…
Hence, Povy is given on my early teen. I’m twenty this year currently studying Interior Design. I prefer drawing over studying, thats why. ;) I’m petite, people usually think that i look younger than my actual age. Haha. I have a big family with three sisters and a brother which is why I am good at sharing and i enjoy chit chatting/talking too.

My dearest siblings, All the Teng’s
Why ‘On Everyone’s Lips’?
My best friends and I were all starting our own blogs back then and since we thought that we were cool and superior, we needed a cool chain name. As there were four of us, we all picked one of these, namely On Everyone’s Lips, On Everyone’s Mind, On Everyone’s Ear and On Everyone’s Eyes. We love this chain name and they certainly represent all of us as well as our blog.

My Wingeez Darling with sharing chain name. Jane a.k.a On Everyone’s Ear, Vivian a.k.a On Everyone’s Eyes and Sze sze, On Everyone’s Mind
When did I start blogging?
I started to blog when I was 15 back in Penang. I enjoyed ranting about silly things, sharing thoughts and jotting little moments down. Like how I used to skip class (oops!),  the color of the rubber that I changed when I was wearing my braces, the first ferry ride I took and many other experiences. I never thought that I would have the passion and patience to make it through the years but yes I did it! *pats own shoulder*

What do i blog about?
I blog about things that interest me, from daily life, events, fashions, food reviews, movie reviews, dramas, music, vacations, gadgets and etc. My family, my boyfriend, my dearest girl friends, Wingeez will be the familiar faces in my blog besides for event post. I love blogging about travelling post too. I wouldn’t say that I am a hardcore traveller, but i will try my best to update all the travel post because in all truthfulness, I secretly love reading travel post. Here are some of my travel posts in recent years:

Summer in London 2010

Winter in Taipei 2010

Winter in Japan 2011

Ski in Japan 2012

Summer in Bangkok 2012
Anniversary Trip in Pangkor Laut Resort, 2012
Singapore 2012

How do I get connected with the entire blogosphere?
I started joining Nuffnang earlier this year. Thanks to Nuffnang, it has opened up a lot of opportunities for me. I gained a lot from blogging by attending various cool events, meeting friendly bloggers. Slowly, I become more confident when it comes to talking to more people and I envision a direction for my blog (apart from the normal rantings).

Viva La Diva
Asahi Blogger Get-Together Event
First time trying on Ducati Backseat Rider at Moto GP 2012
Why do you have to read my blog?
My life now serves a purpose which is to share not only my stories, but also events, fashion items, useful products, cool gadgets that I never thought I would have the chance to use/see/touch AT ALL. I am especially happy when I get sponsors not for myself but my readers. I’m thinking of doing some V-log reviews on the products in future. What do you think? :) So goodies like that please come to me more often so that I can share share with my readers! Rewarding them for putting up with me, my bimbo-ness all these years! Hehehehe….
Not forgetting do check out my Secret diaries such as Fashion Diary, Hair Diary, Beauty Diary, Travel Diary, Food Diary and etc.

Sponsored Outfit for Fashion Events
Food Diary
Fashion Diary
Camera Review
Being only 20 this year, I am very grateful for all the doors that have opened for me so far. And what’s best is that with NUFFNANG, I know there is more to come (at least I hope). So everyone, if you have not read about me before, please visit www.oneveryonelips. com or get in touch with my daily lifes by following my Twitter and Instagram, @povyteng. Also, please follow on NuffnangX mobile apps to catch my latest updates.
Till then, thank you for reading up to here and thank you Nuffnang once again! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2013. <3 p="p">

Love, Povy