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 To all my existing readers, deepest appreciation and love from the bottom of my heart; to the new and future readers, i hope you would love my blog. I guess my new year  would be greater achievement and success in blogosphere :D

So yea she name is NaNa or you can call me bwincessnana. “Bw”is pronounced like “p” but more towards “b”, get it? Why I named myself Bwincessnana is very much because of my princessy-character. Thanks to the best parents and grandma in the universe who made me feel like a princess back at home ever since I was a little girl. However, this little girl has now grown up to be an independent woman pursuing her studies at Sunway University. It’s been four years now that I’ve been studying Business Management and I am currently in my last semester. Two more months to graduation! It certainly has been one of my life changing experiences, moving from an ordinary kampung Sibu to modern city Kuala Lumpur.
I picked up blogging since 2008, before I left home for KL. It was due to the aftermath of a break up with my ex, totally a teenage girl kind of thing but everyone goes through this period of childishness I guess! After recovering from the negative emotions, I started to look at life more positively and writing more about my new life which revolves around spending great times with friends and families, as well as expressing my attitude on life.
I used to write in Mandarin, but eventually shifted to English because I get the occasional comments from readers who could are not familiar with Mandarin. Once in a while, I would still write in Mandarin because I love expressing myself with Mandarin after all. I wasn’t very active in keeping my blog updated until last year. I was hugely inspired by renowned trendsetters Caroline Engman and Nicole Warne (GaryPeperGirl) who both own very successful fashion blogs. That’s when I started to blend the passion for fashion into my ownblog. Other fashion icons that I absolutely adore are Victoria Beckham, Liu Wen, Hilary Tsui, Han Huo Huo, Ena Matsumoto and so many more that I couldn’t list them all down.
I also blog on girly stuff relating to my boyfriend, girl friends, beauty, travel, events and happenings. Basically my blog is the diary of my life, though I still try to update more on fashion which is something that I want to highlight further in the future.


Huannie the boyfie <3

My Woody boi


B Brand event
I believe that I am unique in my own way, that is why you guys love me right? *blows kiss* Everyone has their own sense of fashion, and I enjoy sharing mine with my readers. As you know, I’m a girl of mix & match. I love playing around with my accessories and clothes to portray different mood and personalities. High street styles and designer labels can always be found in my wardrobe. Hopefully one day I could be an inspiration to you. My biggest dream is to be “somebody” in the fashion industry. I am also madly in love with vegetables and desserts, I think I could survive if the world ends because I could probably eat grass, lol!

Blogging so far, I’ve been receiving both positive and negative comments. I would take them all as compliments because they shows how people are actually paying attention on what I write about and took the effort to share their opinions with me. These comments fueled me to improve, in addition to the support from my readers who drive my passion to continue blogging. I remember the first time a reader recognized me in public, telling me how much they love my blog and requested for a picture with me, to be honest I was a bit blown away. I think I’m just too lucky to have to your support, I feel so amazingly blissful and loved. Thank you dear readers ❤
What’s even better when it comes to blogging in addition to the readers support, is when your blog is recognized by Nuffnang as well. Nuffnang is the new platform for the younger generation like me who never thought I could rule my own world by blogging. I feel very happy and excited to be given the chance to share with others how fun the blogging world can be. I’ve attended a few big events last year, but the trip to Legoland trip was one of the most memorable ones because it was my first trip as a Nuffnanger plus I had one of my best friends to enjoy the day with me. Not to forget a trip on the Superstar Gemini Cruise I went for just two weeks ago. This is me inside the captain deck!

Imagine just how much fun I had cruising away to Phuket, Patong and Krabi in just a couple days! How awesome is that! Some might find it hard to imagine, but this is all so true for me. I would never have the opportunity to experience all these if I had not take the first step into the blogging life. Read more about me on You can also “stalk” my instant updates by following me on Instagram/Twitter/Facebook @nanabwincess