Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Ping SiteMap

Sitemap Ping Submission

This tool will help let Google, Yahoo!,, and that your sitemap.xml has been updated. If you have not submitted your sitemap to Google yet, you should submit it before submitting your ping here.

  • If you don't have a sitemap, use the GSiteCrawler to create one.
  • Google requires you to submit your sitemap to them first - then you can ping them through this service. Yahoo, Moreover, & allow the ping to act as a submission as well.
  • This is not the same as a 'blog ping' - although your blog can have a sitemap file.
  • It is not recommended to submit/ping more than once per day
  • Sitemap submission/pings are not meant to and will most likely not boost your PageRank with any of the search engines - sitemaps are only meant to allow crawlers to get to your content more effectively. 

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